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Clyde Lucas - Balboa Surf - (In Memory Of) Dale Velzydotdotdot
artworkClyde Lucas (Bobbi and Clyde and the Seaweed Cowboys) apparently wanted to tribute Dale Velzy, so he wrote and issued this track alone. It' a work in progress I think.
Picks: Balboa Surf (In Memory Of Dale Velzy)

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Balboa Surf (In Memory Of Dale Velzy) dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Relatively surfy in an "I don't quite get it" kind of way. The melody is really nice, and the tremolo is the right idea for the lead, but "Balboa Surf (In Memory Of Dale Velzy)" just seems to need some fleshing out. Perhaps some enterprising surfband will pick it up and complete the job.