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Lord Cody and the Coralites - Sail Outdotdotdot
artworkThis 1967 album is very cool for several reasons. The band lineup is two guitars, bass, and congas. The band is from Nassau, The Bahamas. Their main audience are tourists, playing English versions of Bahamian pop and traditional songs. On this, their second album, they also brought surf guitar into a number of the vocals. "Angeline," "Yellow Bird," "Mary Ann," and "China Gate" are of particular interest. This is much better than most tourist band releases. If you come across it, you might check it out.
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Apache dotdotdot
Calypso Surf (Instrumental)

This is an interesting version of Jerry Lordan's "Apache." Part surf, with modulated lead guitar, and a completely different rhythm guitar and congas in lieu of a drum kit, Lord Cody and the Coralites completely reinvent this venerable instro. Very nicely done!