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The Looney Tunes - Beyond The Dunedotdotdotdot
artworkI think this is the best set yet from Germany's Looney Tunes. Almost all picks, and some really good writing, as well as well chosen covers. Some of the arranging is creative, and most of the CD sports more than enough interest and charm.
Picks: Strange Man, The Rise and Fall Of Flingel Bunt, Anatevka, Wie Ein Blitz, Garsilamas, Das Ergotaxion, The Young Man and the Sea, Zirkus, Sand Barrier, Ukraine, Comin' Home Baby, 9000 Miles, Beyond The Dune, El Shake

Track by Track Review

Strange Man dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Pure surf reverberating on this cover of Jim Messina & the Jesters' evil tune. This is an excellent track, not often covered, and well played. Big drums, weird cadence, and strangitude throughout. Dark and brooding.

The Rise and Fall Of Flingel Bunt dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This Shadows standard is morphed into the reverb grotto, made more surf than Euro. The drums are interestingly at odds with the rest of the track, adding a curious magnetism to this performance.

Anatevka dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Shimmering Shadows-like pluckanova, moderately melodic, slightly loungie, and free of anything surf. The break is a spiffy percussive bit. Think low key Laika & the Cosmonauts, without the flair, but with more delicate playing.

Wie Ein Blitz dotdotdot
Euro-Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked low-E guitar, dry and unevenly metered and attacked. The sounds are very Laika & the Cosmonauts, and only slightly hinting of surf. This is a fun track, but quite a stretch for the surf crowd. Lots of energy and tongue-in-cheek flair.

Garsilamas dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Living up to it's name, this is a progression designed around pedestrian Euro instro themes. The obvious roots provide a certain friendliness, but it is not enough to hold up to repeated plays. Nicely played, but unremarkable.

Das Ergotaxion dotdotdot
Euro-Go-Go (Instrumental)

Go-Go themes, Euro influences, and some nice almost Challengers tones, along with some surf whammy. This is a pretty nice track, moderately paced, swimming in wet tone and gentle island breezes. I like this track the best among the lot.

The Young Man and the Sea dotdotdot
Euro-Go-Go (Instrumental)

Euro guitar disco circa 1965, based on a progression. There's little melody, but a lot of energy and fun. Touches of studio surf sensibility allow it's inclusion in the surf scene.

Zirkus dotdotdot
Euro-Go-Go (Instrumental)

Throbbing vibrato guitar, stinging tone, and a dangerous melody line give this whammy swirl a definite edge. Intense without being overwhelming.

Sand Barrier dotdotdot
Euro-Noodle (Instrumental)

A somewhat pompous Euro movie theme styled track, with no melody, just a progression carrying on until the break, where some noodling happens, but nothing of interest. I'll pass on this one.

Ukraine dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The mere thought of a "Brylcreem Pillow" brings images of stiff hair stuck to the linen... argh! The track is a subtle whammied thing, with a low-E twang edging into island territory, surf enough to partake of the waves. Not very melodic, but still quite interesting.

Comin' Home Baby dotdotdot
Mediterranean Cowboy (Instrumental)

Expecting some real oriental cooking here, I was instead met by a shimmering slow twango that yielded to a cowboy rolling Mediterranean pluckfest, all in search of a melody, but none the less enjoyable. Hip, playful, and energetic.

9000 Miles dotdotdot
Sequence (Instrumental)

Sequence is correct, as this seems to me to be a backtrack for a sequence, not a song. Pleasant listening, but not commanding of attention.

Beyond The Dune dotdotdot
Islandic (Instrumental)

Slow islandic shimmer, notes and chords invoking lagoons and playful nights. A very enjoyable track.

El Shake dotdotdot
Los Straitjackets Animal (Instrumental)

It's been done... like Los Straitjackets barnyard animal twang, but more gutty guitar tone. Too fun for parties, devoid of melody, driven by a need to whammy. Way fun.