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The Long Riders - Metallic B.O.dotdotdot
artworkI liked these guys a lot in the mid eighties, not just nice guys, but a really good band too. So, I was thrilled to stumble onto this authorized mostly live British import CD. As I read the track listing, there was another joy to discover...the Long Riders recorded Davie Allan's "Blues Theme" live at A&M Studios during the "Two Fisted Tails" sessions. Oh Boy!
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Blue's Theme dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Long Riders recording of Davie Allan's "Blues Theme" is a pretty damn hot tribute to King Fuzz. If you don't know about Davie Allan, well...go back to school and learn. Anyway, this is an eighties power-pop slam-dunk version of Davie's motorcycle dynamo...i.e., it smokes in a compressed sound board sorta way. Very cool!