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Charles Lloyd - Wavesdotdotdot
artworkCharles Lloyd was a jazz-psychedelic cross over artist. He was among the few jazz musicians that found himself regularly on stage at the Fillmore alongside Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Grateful Dead. His music is fluid, wide ranging, and ethereal. This album is dedicated to the surf. It was issued in the early seventies, and features a pair of Beach Boys on one track, who provided harmony vocals. Traditional surf musicians were often influenced by West Coast jazz, some covering jazz tunes like Comin' Home Baby or Birdland. This is not easily linked to surf music per say, but it has a certain surf sensibility in the pictures it evokes in your mind's eye, and the cover art is classic art surf. A serious diversion to the outskirts of surf. Gabor Szabo plays guitar.
Picks: TM, Pyramid, Majorca, Harvest, Waves, Rishikesha [Hummingbird / Rishikesha / Seagull]

Track by Track Review

TM dotdotdot
Pre New Age Floater (Instrumental)

This is a droning harmonized number with a couple of Beach Boys singing "TM" repeatedly, and features Roger McGuinn as well. TM is Transcendental Meditation. Sappy pre-new age floaters music.

Pyramid dotdotdotdot
Flute and Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

This is a spectacular and disjointed track, high in intensity, and rhythmic in a sea worthy way. This track raises visions of stormy gray surf, and lone riders braving the cold for that chance at a great ride. It drops into a floating glassy tube in the middle, where the lazy days of summer seem just around the bend. Pretty and intense.

Majorca dotdotdot
Flute and Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

Playful and a perfect backdrop for a surf video of exotic places with long glassy rides along vacant beaches. Spectacularly pretty and emotional.

Harvest dotdotdotdot
Sax and Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

Tribal acoustic percussion, floating feelings, and the sort of melody that the Sandals might have produced. While the arrangement is definitely jazz, the room for a good surf arrangement is obvious. Infectious and playful.

Waves dotdotdot
Flute and Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

Exotic sounds and silliness, full of airy beachscapes at points South. Suitable for the foundation of a sheltered cove kinda surf tune.

Rishikesha [Hummingbird / Rishikesha / Seagull] dotdotdot
Flute and Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

A long jungle suave pre-new age floating rainforest crunch kinda tune, with possibilities as a surf track. Pretty, but not magical.