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Liv and Let Liv - Surfin Pachelbeldot
artworkDanger! Danger! Unless you collect versions of Johann Pachelbel's "Canon", this will suck! The "Surf Guitar" quoted in the liner notes is anything but. It is merely a clean slowly played synthesizer occasionally accompanied by a guitar effected with a digital reverb that plays a note or two with lots of sustain. The majority of what goes on is childishly programmed keys... save your bus tokens!
Picks: Surfin' Pachelbel, Run As A Liquid, He'enalu, Poppin' Pachelbel, Wili Wili, Groove Salad, Waikiki Pachelbel

Track by Track Review

Surfin' Pachelbel dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

OK, so the waves open the track, and the keyboard is vibratoed so heavily that it may be initially confused with a guitar. A Simpleton ® sequencer is employed to deliver a fluff performance, with plunky bell like tones and a new age emptiness. There is a guitar that comes in part way through to issue a couple of long notes in an imitation Hawaiian style. Make no mistake, there is not surf to be found on this track, nor is there anything interesting about the unimaginative new age noodling. Pachelbel's "Canon" has never been so boringly recorded.

Run As A Liquid dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

The new age will never dawn driven by this slow unremarkable background pap... The difference between this empty and uninspired track and the way Jim Thomas can make simple progressions huge and immensely effective is striking.

He'enalu dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

Airy background for your next walk in the artificial forest looking for extinct sentimentalities. Even less interesting than synthesizer incidental music from films.

Poppin' Pachelbel dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

Another variation on "Canon," with a totally different approach, though hardly any more feeling or energy. This moody new age soundtrack is useless at best. I don't mean to be cruel, but if you want to use the work surf, then you should deliver something related to surf, like the Baronics' amazing "Canon." This is just boring.

Wili Wili dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

Jeepers, sequenced bongo drums, actual rhythms, and, wait, is that a melody creeping in... no just a progression that goes endlessly on without ever getting anywhere. What is it about new age noodlers that they believe you can write music by slowly progressing through a sequence of notes all in the same key?

Groove Salad dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

Moody seascape piece with little more than a vision of water. More new age fluff.

Waikiki Pachelbel dot
Artificial Imitation Noodling (Instrumental)

OK, so we haven't had enough of "Canon" yet... oh yes we have. This is more orchestral, but not more interesting. Like the soundtrack from some environmentalist video nonsense, this just drifts along looking for a direction.