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Michael Lindner - Cocktail Napkindotdotdot
artworkNew from Michael Lindner (bassist with the Aqua Velvets), Cocktail Napkin sports some very visual soundscapes that are based in exotica, lounge, and the tremolo moodiness of slow surf. This CD also includes some classic vocal material. This is not a surf CD, but it surely will enhance a rainy afternoon or romantic interlude.
Picks: 96 Blues Per Minute, Tremulux, Whirling, Birth-Day-2004, Conquistador, Martin Dennis, 8 Strings, Winterlude

Track by Track Review

96 Blues Per Minute dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

This is a slow tortured blues number that borrows from "Hip-Hug-Her." It's a soothing organ and guitar soul-stirrer with a decidedly Memphis sound and feel.

Tremulux dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Tremulux" is a slowly evolving tremolo shimmered and cooled number. It never exactly reaches a melody,but the throb of the tremolo renders that of no consequence. Eerie, rainy, moody, and mysterious. It's all about the vibrations.

Whirling dotdotdotdot
Indian (Instrumental)

Exotic percussion, Indian mystery, tremolo shimmer, and a circling set of patterns invoke hazy trancelike images of far away places. It's a view as if you're looking through the jungle to see, perhaps as in a dream where you can't quite focus. Certainly not melodic, but the relentless visuals and slowly evolving soundscape are strikingly effective.

Birth-Day-2004 dotdotdot
Hillbilly Surf (Instrumental)

"Birth-Day-2004" uses instruments in a manner that suggest you could surf in the backwoods on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Delicate and easy moving, you get an image of corn cob pipes and gentle swells on a lazy river.

Conquistador dotdotdot
Surf Lounge (Instrumental)

"Conquistador" is a slightly moody and exotic surf lounge dreamscape, with bongos and a tiki bar in the distance. It sets a scene as a film score might demand. Mysterious, yet inviting and almost romantic.

Martin Dennis dotdotdot
Surf Lounge (Instrumental)

One might guess that the title is an homage to Martin Denny, and indeed some elements of this song are suggestive of his exotica sound sans the bird calls. Sensual and haunting, "Martin Dennis" presents an image of cocktail-filtered jungles and red-eyed interpretations.

8 Strings dotdotdot
Dangerous Erotica (Instrumental)

Stereo percussion ping-pongs across the soundscape as ominous fuzz rises from a dark mist. "8 Strings" uses a simple progression to travel upon the way sixties psych sometimes did, and it floats on a foggy have of ambient mystery. Definitely more of s soundscape than a song, yet trance-inducing pleasurable.

Winterlude dotdotdot
Surf Lounge (Instrumental)

A slow western cowboy bass line gives "Winterlude" an outdoors feel, while the balance of the arrangement creates a sad view of a rainy outside. Just easy and cool.