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Limbonautas - Rende-Se Humanos!!!dotdotdot
artworkBrazil's Limbonautas are essentially a punk band with a dark and disturbing howl. Their vocals include the ultra tuff "A Lagartixa," which features a human voice chorus played as if it was a trumpet. Rising from the punkoidal darkness are four evil instros of storm surf and death on the waves.
Picks: Fossa Abissal, Dick Dale Na Terra Da Ipioca, Tsunami, Seres Raiz Das Mares

Track by Track Review

Fossa Abissal dotdotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Electronic tweakery yields to rising guitar thunder and feedback as Limbonautas get ready to pummel the silence with the ultra heavy sludge surf of "Fossa Abissal." Dark and powerful in a brooding lumbering way.

Dick Dale Na Terra Da Ipioca dotdotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Howling guitar and double picked fury with punk attack and just plain nasty assaultive drive. "Dick Dale Na Terra Da Ipioca" pays definite homage to the man with a verse from "Hava Nagila " and requisite shouts a la "Miserlou." Pretty tuff!

Tsunami dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

"Tsunami" is one dark punk surf thrash! Thick and plundering, it shreds across a stormy break with no fear. Defiant and pounding.

Seres Raiz Das Mares dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Howling warbling feedback guitar and metronomic drums and bass, rising edge and meanness, and a long pickslide descent into the maelstrom of "Seres Raiz Das Mares." Angry surf and slam for stormy garbage pit waves. Nearly scary!