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Lenny and the Thundertones - Thunder Express c/w Alabamy Bounddotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a great single from Lenny and the Thundertones. Both sides have tons of surf potential!
Picks: Thunder Express, Alabamy Bound

Track by Track Review

Thunder Express dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Thunder Express" is a low-E grumbler hinting of the surf singles to come in the next two years. This reminds me of Gene Gray and his Stingrays in some ways, just a little less edgy and energy laden. A great and ultimately surfable riff drives "Thunder Express." Rhythm dominated low watt rock instros from the day when instros were structured like backtracks waiting for a vocal melody line. There are some nice guitar licks in the bridge, but mostly it's a riff rocker.

Alabamy Bound dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This standard gets a real rock instro treatment that surely could be a surf track if not for the lack of reverb. Great tone and drums!