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Aura Lee and the Fixations - My Boy's Lollipop c/w Telstardotdotdot
artworkThis is an odd little single from an aspiring eighties pop band destined never to leave the garage. The A-side is a reworking of the obvious sexual undertones of the the sixties Millie Small hit single. The B-side is among the most unusual versions of Telstar on record.
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Telstar dotdotdot
Eighties New Wave (Instrumental)

Like taking the Joe Meek / Tornados idea, and inverting every grain of intent and sound, then straining it through a chunk filter, and turning the wimp effect up to eleven, this most unusual variation on this classic tune is light, fluffy, amateurish, and quite endearing. There's no big thick bass, no awesome keys, not intense satellite sounds, and nothing you'd expect. There is a whole lot of imagination and cool treatment ideas.