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Lazy Boy - Amnesiadotdotdotdot
So, if you take the Mermen's melody structures, Slacktone's slower side, and add a dash of eerie, you get this fresh new East coast band. I expected much less, but was really quite impressed. Beautiful writing and great sound. No dogs in the lot, and I came back to it several times before putting it down to review.
Picks: Curb Urchin, Theme From Headtrader, Junction City, Uneasy Street, The Mole, Latin Quarter

Track by Track Review

Curb Urchin dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Atmospheric Surf (Instrumental)

Somewhere between the Mermen and Slacktone's slower side. Atmospheric and melodic and surfy. Great tune.

Theme From Headtrader dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Vibrato Surf (Instrumental)

"Peter Gunn"-ish mid-slow with bowed bass and low growls and shimmering vibrato. Really cool.

Junction City dotdotdot
Sparse Vibrato Surf (Instrumental)

A sparse number with a simple but compelling melody line employing vibrato and whammy.

Uneasy Street dotdotdot
TV Detective Theme (Instrumental)

Earl Stanley Gardner / Henry Mancini slow vibrato eerie. The bowed bass is a nice touch. Just not surfy enough for this web place.

The Mole dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Poi Surf (Instrumental)

Wow. What an atmospheric mid tempo tune! Somewhere between spaghetti and poi.

Latin Quarter dotdotdot
Salsa Surf (Instrumental)

Quirky Latin Salsa jazzy tune with great tones and surfisms. Amazing at the edge humor.