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Last Wave - 4.6.01dotdotdot
artworkLast Wave use digiridu, aboriginal drums, sitar, and effected and sometimes surfy guitar to create moody scenes and aquatic visions. The music here is all instrumental, miles from the nearest redeemable break, yet sports surf among its influences. Definitely for the adventurous who want to listen to creative new sounds. This CD-R was recorded at Modified in Phoenix, Arizona on 4/6/2001.
Picks: Ground Slip, Off Shore Drilling, Wind Farm, Dandi Ghat, Temptation Survivor, Held Under, Reef Walker, Water Prayer

Track by Track Review

Ground Slip dotdotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Exotic hand percussion issuing tribal rhythms a la Martin Denny underpin a haunting long sustain guitar effected with compression and smoothed and reverbed distortion. Like mosquito giganticus, this buzzes relentlessly around your netting as you marvel at the wonders of the ancient Nile civilizations. The lead guitar has a surfy quality despite all of the effects. Liquid, and very interesting.

Off Shore Drilling dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

"Off Shore Drilling" has a little of the slow "Miserlou" charm, and is shrouded in the mysteries of the Middle East. Spooky, after dark, and dangerous.

Wind Farm dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Beyond the oasis, where camel is king, the caravan moves like a thin line against the horizon. There's danger and adventure amid the Bedouin traders heading for parts unknown. Very cool and mysterious.

Dandi Ghat dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Percussionally, "Dandi Ghat" reminds me of some of Herbie Mann's Village Gate sessions. Musically, it's reminiscent of Gabor Szabo, and tonally astride a buzzy variation on the Mermen.

Temptation Survivor dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Night scenes of aboriginal campfires flickering on private bodies in the outback. Except for the absence of the keyboards, this is somewhat similar to some of the more ethnic creations of Gondwanaland.

Held Under dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Long sustained notes ooze from the guitar to paint a picture of water dribbling around your ears as orca pass above your head. It's obvious that the surface is a long way off, but somehow it doesn't matter.

Reef Walker dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

More digiridu magic amid the spacy guitar and writhing scenery. A sunset dream gone awry, "Reef Walker" is mystical and fluid.

Water Prayer dotdotdot
Progressive Surf (Instrumental)

Looking for water in all the wrong places, the desert seems in focus as the wanderers grow ever dryer. Seemingly hopeless, with surfish guitar and tones of nightmare gloom.