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Last Wave - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkThis is no where near as interesting as their Modified CD-R. This is very different from their Modified CD-R. While the instrumentation is the same, the majority of the music is hypnotic and unmelodic, though very scenic and powerful. From an instrumental, ambient, or visual perspective, this is quite effective and colorful. From a surf perspective, this has nothing to offer. Between this and the Modified sessions, it's easy to hear just how much difference there can be inducing very small changes in structure, from this hypnotic trance to that melodic surf tinged hypnotic adventure.
Picks: Didge Wind In Jaipur, Walkin' About, Dead Dingo, Part The Sea, Window Seat, Red Dirt Mud, Spirit Room, Swimming With Crocodiles, Hare Jethro

Track by Track Review

Didge Wind In Jaipur dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

"Didge Wind In Jaipur" starts right out in a heavy psychedelic vein, with droning and hallucinogenic imagery. Imagine a backtrack to a late sixties alternative film about drug induced abnormality.

Walkin' About dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

having a walk about in the outback are we? Only in a hypnotic state. Long unmelodic howling and spatial distortions.

Dead Dingo dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

Alas poor dingo, I knew him well. Throbbing droning aboriginal sounds and images, slow trudging hypnotic trance inducing dirge for a dingo.

Part The Sea dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

Night time on the high desert in the middle of the great continent we find camp fire trances and tales of dream travel.

Window Seat dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

The window on the world through which we see the tribal lands is disturbed and shrouded in clouds of herbal smoke. Don't worry, you won't feel a thing. It's all a dream anyway.

Red Dirt Mud dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

A salute to the sticky muck that locks feet and tires to the earth. This is the stuff of sludge restricted escapes in dreams. Running against the mud only strengthens its hold. Standing still only ensures a slow end. There is no escape.

Spirit Room dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

Slow roundabout circular breathing through the digiridu provides a subtle drone to hypnotize and disguise the night. Visited by those unseen, you reach for a marshmallow only to discover you have only an Odwalla bar left. The spirit room has become hell.

Swimming With Crocodiles dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

Crocodiles lay quietly on the banks, waiting for digestion to complete so they can thrash for their next meal, and you look like just the burger to fill the bill. Swim with them if you must, but don't call me when you look like lunch to that big male.

Hare Jethro dotdotdot
Hypnotic Aboriginal (Instrumental)

Mystical howling and jaws harp twang slowly circling the hare for the kill. Feedback as art.