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LamaJamal - Gypsy Surfdotdotdotdot
artworkLamaJamal is a Chicago, Illinois outfit. The sound is pretty traditional gypsy instrumental with very cool drums and interesting arrangements employing western sounds amid the traditional. To call it surf may seem like a gross misrepresentation, but there are subtle surf guitar lines, delicate double picking, and reverb tones, and occasional glissandos too. Adventurous and very impressive. recommended if you're willing to go of on a tangent.
Picks: Plevensko, Balad El Mahbub, Cocek 80, Nasam, Kopanitsa, Karsilama, Gankino, Agir, Razbole, Oud Taksim, Aidhenikos

Track by Track Review

Plevensko dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

With serious gypsy sound in tow, "Plevensko" has a great melody and infectious energy. It's all very dry and traditional in most ways, and very engaging.

Balad El Mahbub dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

Great percussion and clarinet are featured in this spectacularly cool track. It's exotic and infectious, a tad sad, and emotional. The moody melody is in contrast to the infectious bouncy percussion and bass.

Cocek 80 dotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

"Cocek 80" is a fun track in an slightly mysterious mold, yet doesn't really stay with you after playing.

Nasam dotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

"Nasam" is straight out of a gypsy caravan, with infectious rhythms and sounds. simply fun.

Kopanitsa dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

The melody here is both circular and angular, with great mathematical drums. The breaks are really the coolest part. At first, this didn't connect with me, but as it progressed, it got more and more interesting, and in the break where the guitar gets delicately muted and reverbed and the bass plays a great glissando, well, it just all gelled! Great stuff!

Karsilama dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

haunted guitar, or perhaps oud, sounds like it could be out of the desert or exotic southern Europe. Very mysterious and artful. "Karsilama" is a superb track with sophisticated arranging and exceptional playing. Very cool!

Gankino dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

Verging on klezmer, "Gankino" bounces and charms your socks off. Fun, bouncy, and celebratory.

Agir dotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

Moody exotic, with swirly melody lines, "Agir" is both dramatic and pomp-laden, as well as sultry. Nice track.

Razbole dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

An angular up glissando launches "Razbole" into a superb sultry sound that's exotic, mysterious, and lusty. The contrast between the electronic keys and guitar, and the traditional instruments and percussion, is really cool. Add drums and bass, and you get a hybrid of compelling sound. Totally cool!

Oud Taksim dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

Wow, is this cool! Delicate oud over cymbals open this as if it was a serious contender for a dangerous scene in the desert. Once the drum and horn come in, it grows into a lovely piece that rises gradually in emotional content. Amazing.

Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

"Aidhenikos" is a continuation of "Oud Taksim." It's sultry and sad, and quite long. The drama and art are obvious. It's a movie in itself.