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Laika and the Cosmonauts - Instruments Of Terrordotdotdot
artworkThis is the original Finish release of their 3rd album. Only 12 tracks. More spy and Euro in nature, and full of exquisitely played and arranged instrumentals. "Baha Ree Bah" and "Piedro Negras" are particularly cool.
Picks: Mission Impossible, Note Crisis, Piedras Negras, Psyko, Magic Bullet, Enchanted Rock, Baha-Ree-Bah, S.P.Y.D.A.'s Web, Space Base, Experiment In Terror, Six Seconds In Dallas, Vendetta

Track by Track Review

Mission Impossible dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

The "Mission Impossible" theme is organic chunka chunka espionage themeage, high energy and fun.

Note Crisis dotdotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Tribal drums and urgent reverbed guitar play a saucy spy feeling thing with a ska beat and lots of energy. The vibrato is dangerous and the double picking almost Venisian. Cool track.

Piedras Negras dotdotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Melodic and friendly, this great melody is roundly played against a nearly surf backtrack. Excellent writing.

Psyko dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Big scary theme music, with the organ playing the lead. Atmospheric and almost carnival like.

Magic Bullet dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Dedicated to the unbelievable ballistics the Warren Commission used to explain their single bullet theory, this edgie weirdness is haunting and a little unnerving. Big echoed glissandoes bring it closer to surf, while the organ carries the lead.

Enchanted Rock dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Pretty and somewhere between the middle east and the islands, "Enchanted Rock" floats slowly across tribal tom toms with a shimmering air about it. A very nice track.

Baha-Ree-Bah dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is slightly strange cover of the Trademarks' "Baha Ree Bah." Strange only because it has a "Mashi" (Wailers) sound to it. The power is there, as is the energy. Fine double picking and moodiness. Very fun.

S.P.Y.D.A.'s Web dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Spy theme eerily portrayed with a spooky sound and martini glass suavitude.

Space Base dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Sorta "Telstar" like, but not as thick. Grodie low-E guitar and a Tornados rhythm.

Experiment In Terror dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Henry Mancini' "Experiment In Terror" is oozed out with more dementia than the ventures used. Moody organ lead and near surf backing. Very moody and weird.

Six Seconds In Dallas dotdotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Another tune named after Kennedy assassination. This one shimmers with a slightly optimistic sadness and an almost playful backtrack. Ringing chords and bouncy energy. Quite a pretty track, out of step with the ominous nature of the title.

Vendetta dotdotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Slow and sultry, "Vendetta" shines with Italian mobster charm. Highly stylized, beautifully played, and lushly arranged. Excellent.