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Kronos Quartet - Caravandotdotdot
artworkGenerally morose, this highly artistic and classically based CD sports a couple of very cool tracks, most notably the incredible black tie version of Dick Dale's "Miserlou Twist." Too cool!
Picks: Pannonia Boundless, Cancao Verdes Anos, Aaj Ki Raat, La Muerte Chiquita, Turceasca, Gloomy Sunday, Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo, Responso, Romance No. 1, Gallop of a Thousand Horses, Ecstasy, Misirlou Twist

Track by Track Review

Pannonia Boundless dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

An angular European scene comes forth from the bull fiddle's sad refrain. Like gypsies in an asylum, "Pannonia Boundless" meanders across the screen in rippling dissociation.

Cancao Verdes Anos dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Ah, the sweet drama of upper class despair. Soft and flowing like the footless movements of floor length gowns.

Aaj Ki Raat dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Over exotic percussion, the squeal of the fiddle floats above the campfires of centuries gone by. Dramatic and beautiful.

La Muerte Chiquita dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Sad black coated families lament the passing of a small one. Dark and emotionally draining. "La Muerte Chiquita" does not translate into "Death of a Banana."

Turceasca dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

On the fanciful side, "Turceasca" seems to play innocently in the snows of winter. It erupts into a gypsy twirl of nighttime exhaustion. A very cool track.

Gloomy Sunday dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Slow and serious, "Gloomy Sunday" seems lost in a gaze out a window open to a dead end. The little lives below are about to end, yet they go about the business of life as if they do not know it.

Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Electro disturbances flutter beneath a dangerous scene. This enhanced encounter honks of get out of my way and squanks of no where to go. Morose in a demented way.

Responso dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

An inquiry replied to, with an invitation to stay away. "Responso" is a downer, a dear John letter from another age.

Romance No. 1 dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

Flighty and flowing, "Romance No. 1" is a bitter sweet tale of first love lost. Snow falls on desperate lives lived hopelessly.

Gallop of a Thousand Horses dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

An orchestral feel portrays a herd on the move. Gypsy blood and oats.

Ecstasy dotdotdot
Progressive Classical (Instrumental)

This is a sad song. Must be about the aftermath of "Ecstasy" 'cuz there's no joy within.

Misirlou Twist dotdotdotdotdot
Progressive Classical Surf (Instrumental)

This is entirely too cool. The Kronos Quartet is enhanced with the drums of Martin Jones (Mal / Mermen). The arrangement is Dick Dale's "Misirlou Twist" with violins in tact and black tie power oozing from every pluck. Utterly stunning!