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Koko - This Is...dotdotdotdot
artworkFormerly known as Trio Koko, this Dutch band uses surf as a platform, blended with spaghetti westerns and Nashville twang to create a unique sound. Sometimes angular, often fluid, Koko write original music and plays very well too. Sometimes friendly, and sometimes an acquired taste, their music is energetic and bright, sometimes sad, and yet optimistic. A fine release.
Picks: Rock-A-Hula-Shake, El Pastichio Numero Uno, Beat Fuga Shake, El Pastichio Numero Dos, Desert Sand, Hey-Polk-a-Hey, Caramba, Rex

Track by Track Review

Rock-A-Hula-Shake dotdotdotdot
Big Guitar Surf (Instrumental)

Big guitar twang comes a-knockin' at your door. This infectious melody is not unlike the sorts thing Eddie Angel is partial to. Big guitar tone, a nifty riff, and that great drum beat.

El Pastichio Numero Uno dotdotdotdot
Gloomy Surf (Instrumental)

Great opening guitar... a dark and gloomy tone and melody forbid pleasure in this moment of deepest worry. Well written and throbbing with danger.

Beat Fuga Shake dotdotdot
Big Guitar Quirk (Instrumental)

"Beat Fuga Shake" is not your usual instro. The melody line and arrangement are choppy and rhythmic in a jazzy almost swing feeling way.

El Pastichio Numero Dos dotdotdotdot
Happy Surf (Instrumental)

It seems to be the same song, played way faster with lots of happy sound and fluid moments. It's amazing how different it is. This is very infectious.

Desert Sand dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

Spaghetti western Mexican banditos wait out a sand storm. The melody is very pretty and sad, yet dramatic and plaintiff. The (Ghost) Riders In The Sky verse is really nice. Quite soothing.

Hey-Polk-a-Hey dotdotdot
Polka Surf (Instrumental)

"Hey-Polk-a-Hey" is a bouncy fun polka surf instro with a cowboy edge. Big twang and an infectious riff. Great fast picking in the middle. Watch out for that cac-toose!

Caramba dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Organ whirling below the guitar, which plays a sad spy theme kinda melody. The boxy guitar tone gives it an urgency, while the melody floats in time. It's an interesting contrast.

Rex dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A deliberate riff rock instro that is a little stiff for my taste. Choppy and intentional, "Rex" dances the with the odd man out Link Wray tango.