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Los Kogars - Swing Into Actiondotdot
artworkA major disappointment. Most of the tracks are of poor to bad quality, both aurally and performance wise. Ah well, it is on Planet Pimp, isn't it.
Picks: Mexican Rock N' Roll, Aztec Momia, Exotic, Marshmallow Fiesta, Nautiloid Reef, Wild Party, Joe's Shuffle, Gran' Ola, Twin Spin, Switchblade, Fried Potatoes

Track by Track Review

Mexican Rock N' Roll dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

Completely boring progression.

Aztec Momia dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

Yet another progression with no character.

Exotic dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Lack luster cover of Bruce Morgan's tune. It's the Bob Vaught arrangement.

Marshmallow Fiesta dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

Another fifties progression with no pizzazz.

Nautiloid Reef dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

It's been covered better. Even the marginal original version is better. Some errant guitar notes are also present.

Wild Party dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

A pedestrian Bison Bop progression.

Joe's Shuffle dotdotdot
Garage Surf (Instrumental)

Is this a Fireballs song? It's quite cool in its minimal way. Not really a melody, just a bunch of fun twang.

Gran' Ola dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

The melody is not quite right, but it's not totally uncool.

Twin Spin dot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

Again with the progressions.

Switchblade dotdot
Bison Bop Progression (Instrumental)

Boppin' boogie that's fun if not interesting. Doesn't stand up to multiple listenings.

Fried Potatoes dot
Bison Bop Progression (Vocal)

"Green Onions" / "Mashed Potatoes" with really BAD vocals.