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Knuckel Drager - The Big Sounds Ofdotdotdot
artworkThis is the single from their debut CD. 4 tracks of hot rod grind core for your neighbors' annoyance.
Picks: Panic In Lane Zero, Baron von Surf Helmet, Mod Top, Drag Bike '71

Track by Track Review

Panic In Lane Zero dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

String bending a la "Church Key" is employed to give "Panic In Lane Zero" a more urgent danger. Vibrato chunk and interesting changes make this a good track. Lots of power and meanness.

Baron von Surf Helmet dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

A bit of vibrato shimmer, lots of grindomatic distortion, and rev-up guitar action give this riff rocker quite a bit of power. The drums pound mighty hard as the stringed things grind out the message. "Baron von Surf Helmet" is quite cool.

Mod Top dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Grindy fuzzomatic riff rockin' and edgy plus. It's in the go-go vein if you view it through a high octane fuel filter. Some samples over the top. Whirling Leslie organ and tribal drums. Lots of drive here.

Drag Bike '71 dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Drag Bike" is a nervous on the strip tune with big drums and ominous fuzzosity. Relentless is the watchword. Some of the changes are very cool, and the tweaky electro sounds add to the effect.