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Knuckel Drager - S/Tdotdot
artworkThe watchword for this release is power. Much of it is not melodic, but rather focuses on power and speed, with lots of samples and some tweaky instrumentation.

The audio sounds like it's from a cassette master, and the mix often buries the lead guitar, with provides a thick and sometimes faceless sound. The lead is playing very well and doing some things that should be more clearly presented, in which case this would likely be a much more interesting release. The drummer is very good. I think the sound holds back the release, unless the garage/frat ethic is your thing.
Picks: Mod Top, Baron von Surf Helmet, Beatnik BBQ, Vamp Camp, Twinkies With Machine Guns, Drag Bike '71, Knuckel Stomp, Situation 69, Church Bus, Penetration, Panic In Lane Zero, Evil Rider, The Song That Cannot Be Named

Track by Track Review

Mod Top dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Grindy fuzzomatic riff rockin' and edgy plus. It's in the go-go vein if you view it through a high octane fuel filter. Some samples over the top. Whirling Leslie organ and tribal drums. Lots of drive here.

Baron von Surf Helmet dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

A bit of vibrato shimmer, lots of grindomatic distortion, and rev-up guitar action give this riff rocker quite a bit of power. The drums pound mighty hard as the stringed things grind out the message. "Baron von Surf Helmet" is quite cool.

Beatnik BBQ dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The post beat generation Henry Mancini beat and suave agit-lounge guitar give this a groovy sound. The bridges are grindy and power based. On the dark side of the night.

Vamp Camp dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Ventures' "Vamp Camp" gets all grodied up, with horror laughs and grunts over the top. It's Sideshow Bob on a bad day.

Twinkies With Machine Guns dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Now here's a title for you! Thundering tribal drums and tweaky electronics over a grinding fuzz fest. Rhythmic and dominant.

Drag Bike '71 dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Drag Bike" is a nervous on the strip tune with big drums and ominous fuzzosity. Relentless is the watchword. Some of the changes are very cool, and the tweaky electro sounds add to the effect.

Knuckel Stomp dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Boot boys lock step chunk at the frat party. Grinding ugly with ragged edge and energy. Not melodic or focused, but abrasive and intense.

Situation 69 dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Dark fuzz assault over great thunder drums. The power and relentlessness are the game in "Situation 69."

Church Bus dotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Pounding drums drive the "Church Bus" on its way to the station of the cross roads, where the chillun' wait hoping the bus never comes. very dark and all about the drums and the beat.

Penetration dotdotdotdot
Surf Garage (Instrumental)

Ultra trashy garage fuzzed interpretation of the Pyramids' "Penetration." More energy than panache, with rapid fire punk assault. This works really well, and because it's so much more melodic than the rest of the songs here, it stands out as the best track by far. A monster of surf grind.

Panic In Lane Zero dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

String bending a la "Church Key" is employed to give "Panic In Lane Zero" a more urgent danger. Vibrato chunk and interesting changes make this a good track. Lots of power and meanness.

Evil Rider dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Bongos and chunky riffs. In some ways, "Evil Rider" is an intense, almost space rock tune with too much edge to and punk speed. It is relentless in its power and drive. The drums are the standout.

The Song That Cannot Be Named dotdotdot
Monster Garage Hot Rod (Instrumental)

With the same title as the Mag Seven song (and I didn't compare for other similarities), Knuckel Drager shoves the pedal to the metal. The psycho "Dazed and Confused" (Yardbirds / Led Zeppelin) ending is priceless. Fast and grindy.