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KnightsBridge - 30 Guitar Riffs Vol.2dotdot
artworkSURFSPLOITATION:Academy Allstars = Studio Allstars = Brand New Rockers = The Hitters = The California Wave Wizards = The Comptones = Hairy And Scary Creatures = The Hit Company = KnightsBridge. Tracks by these "artists" are the same. Avoid at all cost!

I'm not sure why you'd want to extract just short guitar riffs from song's you are covering without really understanding, but that's what the two-volume 30 Guitar Riffs set does.
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Misirlou dotdot
R (Instrumental)

45 seconds of the guitar track from the Beach Classics album from KnightsBridge, aka Academy Allstars, Studio Allstars, Brand New Rockers, The Hitters, The California Wave Wizards, The Comptones, Hairy And Scary Creatures, and The Hit Co..