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The Knights (Gary Usher) - Hot Rod Highdot
artworkNone of the four instros on this Gary Usher production merit attention.
Picks: Midnight Auto, Three Wheeler, Ditch Day, Theme For Teen Love

Track by Track Review

Midnight Auto dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Cheesy studio jammin' fake rock 'n' roll... going nowhere fast, "Midnight Auto" is utterly forgettable despite the Steve Douglas' sax.

Three Wheeler dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Fifties music machine rock 'n' roll with a Spanish edge. Never mind.

Ditch Day dotdotdot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

"Ditch Day" is not bad. The surf rhythm guitar, while very dry, still conveys some sense of chemistry. A tolerable and very commercial sound.

Theme For Teen Love dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Sheesh! Slow and slushy teenage slow dance schmaltzorama. "Theme For Teen Love" is a long way from anything that could be mistaken for cool.