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King Of Hawaii - S/Tdotdotdotdot
artworkThe guitarist plays all guitar parts as well as the bass parts, and is supported by a drummer. This project CD is a very nice listen. It's not high energy. It is well written and recorded, with solid original songs and arrangements. I expected much less, but was pleasantly surprised to hear this really good CD. Since these tracks were recorded, Mark Klebeck has put together a fine band. The influences seem to be country, or even cowboy, surf, the Shadows, Pacific Northwest guitar instros, and the Euro thing, and a bit of the sophistication of prog without the pomp.
Picks: Mohair, Epicurean Way, Nino del Cielo, Moon Sauna, Villa Vee, Plight Of The Matador, Lily Of Bombay, Sunflower, Static, Road Trip, Hopscotch, Sleep Walk

Track by Track Review

Mohair dotdotdot
Wipe Out Surf (Instrumental)

"Wipe Out" drums and surf chords a la a gentler "Bustin' Surfboards" characterize this track. The melody is reminiscent of the Shadows, but is a bit more surfie.

Epicurean Way dotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

Cowboys on parade at the beach. There's a hokey coolness about it. I don't mean that negatively, but it does have a tongue in cheek silliness to it. The breaks include a sped up melody line enhanced with double picking.

Nino del Cielo dotdotdotdot
Aqua Velvet Surf (Instrumental)

A very nice mid tempo number oozing with that Aqua Velvets sorta Spanish resort feel. This is the tune that sucked me into the King of Hawaii camp.

Moon Sauna dotdotdotdot
Soothing Surf (Instrumental)

A rolling brushed snare back beat lies under a soothing lead line for a gentle ride. Very nice.

Villa Vee dotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

A semi-country instro with a great feel. It's gentleness sucks you in.

Plight Of The Matador dotdotdotdot
Tango Surf (Instrumental)

The big Spanish intro leads you to a Tango de Agua, complete with castanets. The pace gradually accelerates a la "Bolero."

Lily Of Bombay dotdotdotdot
Southern Hemisphere Surf (Instrumental)

If you find yourself thinking of a travelogue about a surf trek to South America, this will be your soundtrack.

Sunflower dotdotdot
Dribbling Surf (Instrumental)

slow dribbling notes gently sway in the afternoon breeze on a cool verandah with Carmen Ghia del Monstero. Sooo relaxing!

Static dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

A softly double picked tune with a nifty sound, with the breaks in a more standard arrangement.

Road Trip dotdotdot
Road Surf (Instrumental)

A rock band on the road kinda tune, oozing the essence of traveling between burgs on the trail of broken down clubs and late night no-life schmoozers. For all who have traveled this road, you know what I mean.

Hopscotch dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A moderate tempo number featuring wonderful interplay between the guitars. This is not the Challengers' tune, but it is mighty fine.

Sleep Walk dotdot
Slow Surf (Instrumental)

A standard fifties slow dance back beat under a trad arrangement... nothing special, and it's been covered to death.