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Omar Khorshid and his (Magic) Guitar - Tribute To Farid El Atrachedotdotdot
artworkThis CD is much less surfable than some of Omar Khorshid's work, though there are a couple of tangentially surfable tracks. As a journey through the Lebanese countryside, this is a fine CD. As a surf find, it's just not there, though some of Farid El Atrache's songs make fine fodder for the surf cover mill.
Picks: Arrabia'h, Ya Gamil, Dikkoul Mazaher, Yalla Sawa, Albi Ou Meftaho, Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali, Awal Hamsa, Nora-Ally Ou Eltillo-Ya Helewa (potpourri), Nougoum El Ley

Track by Track Review

Arrabia'h dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

This is a pretty straight forward middle eastern pop song, with tweaky percussion and thin double picked guitar. Very soft and fluid, and very enjoyable.

Ya Gamil dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

"Ya Gamil" is like a post polka sub churchy thing with haunted reverbed organ and pumpin' percussion. More about moods and scenes than melody, and very smooth.

Dikkoul Mazaher dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

An excellent percussive rhythm backs a circular melody line. "Dikkoul Mazaher" is soft and moody, and mostly infectious in its own way.

Yalla Sawa dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

Haunting and moody, and exotic in an understated way, "Yalla Sawa" floats on the night air like spices on a market afternoon breeze. Pretty and soft.

Albi Ou Meftaho dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

Classical piano opens "Albi Ou Meftaho" with a minor version of the kind of pomp that Renaissance developed early on. Then, it transitions into a soft pop piece.

Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

A near tango flaunts forbidden treasures in a sultry mix of undulation, pop, and exotic spices.

Awal Hamsa dotdotdot
Middle Eastern Surf (Instrumental)

The lead guitar here is reverbed and opens with long surfable lines hinting of rideable tubes in the Persian Gulf. Dramatic and emotional, "Awal Hamsa" swirls from sea to sidewalk cafe.

Nora-Ally Ou Eltillo-Ya Helewa (potpourri) dotdotdot
Middle Eastern MOR (Instrumental)

Excellent percussion drives this exotic piece. The circular notes writhe in the evening light where the finger cymbals tell the tale. Pretty cool.

Nougoum El Ley dotdotdot
Middle Eastern Surf Adventure (Instrumental)

Reverbed guitar haunts the opening of "Nougoum El Ley" as if the lights are coming up slowly in some surf travelog. Mystical and adventurous, with tradition and modern technology merged.