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Omar Khorshid and his (Magic) Guitar - Belly Dance From Lebanondotdotdot
artworkOmar Khorshid and his (Magic) Guitar play hybrid Lebanese belly dance music, mostly original and sometines with surf reverb. Some very surfable melodies and interesting arrangements run through the disc.
Picks: Aziza, Arrissassa, Hassan, Al Hob El Awal, Wadil Muluk, Ya Salat Ezzein, Sabarine, Karoun Karoyn, Ommil Habiba, Raksat El Kheyl, Raksat El Jedane

Track by Track Review

Aziza dotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Very traditional percussion and a relentless bass provide the rhythm for this mid tempo instro. The electric guitar is affected to simulate traditional instruments. Horn like synth takes on much of the melody responsibility with an almost carnival sound.

Arrissassa dotdotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

This is a soft and moody piece, with a haunting guitar line that tells of an oasis along the trade route. The solo guitar intro yields to rich percussion and a writhing melody line filled with sadness, tempered with a stiff upper lipped optimism for a better future.

Hassan dotdotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Slightly reverbed guitar rolls through the scales in an introductory verse that's very pretty. Then the finger cymbals and percussion come in and the synth-guitar takes on the melody line. Very enticing, with more traditional riffs and a sense of the caravan.

Al Hob El Awal dotdotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Great percussion opens to a guitar line that is ripe for the full reverb treatment. Melodic and moving, "Al Hob El Awal" even sports a little reverb. Stunning track.

Wadil Muluk dotdotdotdot
Surf Belly Dance (Instrumental)

The percussion opens to genuine surf guitar, with full reverb and all the right chops. The melody line is very cool, and the reverb... well, what can I say? The surf guitar is not dominant all the time, but when it's there, it rules. Oh, for a more surf oriented mix!

Ya Salat Ezzein dotdotdot
Surf Belly Dance (Instrumental)

The surf guitar runs under the entire track, giving it the requisite feel to place it into the surf camp along the caravan route. Moody and interesting, "Ya Salat Ezzein" plays with modern sounds contrast against ancient themes.

Sabarine dotdotdotdot
Surf Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Percussional meanderings and chunky damped guitar rhythm chops... this is quite an amalgam of cultures. Verging on improv-surf, "Sabarine" is non melodic, dominated entirely by the rhythms. As the track proceeds, the reverb gets deeper and deeper on the guitar chops. At about two minutes in, a fine melody develops and the rest of the instrumentation comes in. Very cool.

Karoun Karoyn dot
Moog Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Mid tempo rolling melody lines and whacky wah-wah guitar or keys... hard to say. Interesting sorta, like one of those Moog goes to Lebanon bachelor pad discs.

Ommil Habiba dotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Minor floating synth-guitar, with tasteful percussion and an evening feel.

Raksat El Kheyl dotdotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

The guitar leads the way in this tribal track. Some tweaky effects and spooky scenes unfold as the guitar is played dry and straight. Very pretty and interesting.

Raksat El Jedane dotdotdot
Belly Dance (Instrumental)

Boy, could this be surfed up. A fine melody from the pen of Omar Khorshid, played on guitar over moody oboe-like synth moodiness, and accompanied by traditional percussion.