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Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers - No Subetedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a reissue of Kayama Yuzo and the Launchers' 1966 album "All Of Yuzo Kayama." It contains 4 excellent instros, and 8 glimpses into mid sixties Japanese pop/MOR.
Picks: Black Sand Beach, Los Angels No Nisei Matsuri, Money Crazy, Violet Sky

Track by Track Review

Black Sand Beach dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is the original version of "Black Sand Beach." This is a spectacularly good track with intense rhythm and guitar tone. For my money, it epitomizes eleki! Recorded in late '65, issued in '66.

Los Angels No Nisei Matsuri dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Los Angels No Nisei Matsuri" is a melodic and solid track, with a driving backtrack and an edgy lead. It's got quite a bit of spunk and a basic Ventures feel, but with more chemistry.

Money Crazy dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Money Crazy" is a pretty nifty tune. It sports a low-E fuzz over a dry surf damped click track, with stinging whammy. The melody is tasty, and the intensity of the whammy is exquisite. Very nice.

Violet Sky dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Using a rhythm pattern like "Shakin' All Over," "Violet Sky" gradually builds to an oriental theme with exquisite whammy and a colorful feel. This moderately paced track sticks with you. The Ventures influence is clear, but so are the original ideas and carefully crafted recording.