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Kalyanji, Anendji - Bombay The Hard Way - Guns, Cars and Sitars [Soundtrack]dotdotdot
artworkThis is an amazing cross sectional slice of themes from India's "Brownsploitation" films from the sixties and seventies. The scores are all written and produced/performed by Kalyanji V. Shah and Anendji V. Shah, often parodying themes from "Blacksploitation" films of the era. There's one surf tune on the disc. The blending of DJ Josh Davis' hip hop beats with these vintage tracks creates a masterful inversion of the period. There is just one surf track here, but the overall experience is unique and too fun to pass up. The lone vocal is "Ganges A Go-Go."
Picks: Bombay 405 Miles, The Good, The Bad and the Chutney, My Guru, The Great Gambler, Professor Pyarelal, Fists Of Curry, Punjabis, Pimps and Players, Inspector Jay From Dehli, Satchidananda, Theme From Don, Fear Of A Brown Planet, Uptown Bollywood Nights, Kundan's Hideout, Swami Safari

Track by Track Review

Bombay 405 Miles dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Shimmering sitar soul of the almost Barry White seventies commercial variety. This is non melodic, a riff repeated in a fluid exotic fashion, with a very gradually building arrangement, until it comes to a sudden end.

The Good, The Bad and the Chutney dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

This is an "oh Baby, we gotta good thing goin', and we're not gonna spoil it with little facts like my wife" kinda backtrack, just waiting for a sensual whiskey smooth voice to justify the indiscretion. Only slightly exotic, with a gentle sitar and tablas and sub-surf guitar under orchestral suave. The title is priceless.

My Guru dotdotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

An incantation opens "My Guru." It spans the centuries with traditional sitar and a big thumpy hip hop beat. It's an amazing amalgam of styles and sounds, at once exotic and ghetto desperate. Stunning.

The Great Gambler dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Swirling violins, exotic tablas, slushy synths, funky vibrato wah wah guitar, and big film score drama.

Professor Pyarelal dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Funky bass lines, arty flute, flighty synths, swirly guitar, and a sense of resignation to station evident in travelogues of the Ganges valley. It never develops a melody, but floats like a Harvey Bainbridge prog filler.

Fists Of Curry dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Again with the almost hip hop percussion, this otherwise light swirling piece enchants with a late afternoon in the bazaar feel. Moody and hypnotic, with a hint of danger.

Punjabis, Pimps and Players dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Almost Shaft-like, with a hip hop beat and a subtle sound. Sitar, guitar, violins, and vibes. The dankness of a dingy club, with the heartbeat percussion making it primal.

Inspector Jay From Dehli dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

That urban beat and a thick funky bass line ride under an espionage synth riff. Violins present an urgency, and a sense of dangerous silliness.

Satchidananda dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Swirling violin images of tropical plains, the grandeur of thousands of years of civilization... very visual.

Theme From Don dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Big orchestral thump, dramatic and exotic in it's contrasts. Rhythmic and almost spooky. The sub-prog guitar work provides an odd twist.

Fear Of A Brown Planet dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

"Fear Of A Brown Planet" is so close to "Mission Impossible" that it's not possible to miss the similarity. Tablas, synths, brass section, flighty riffs, and Lalo Schifrin.

Uptown Bollywood Nights dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Big swirl, uptown glitter, ageless pretension... very cool.

Kundan's Hideout dotdotdot
Sitar Funk (Instrumental)

Funky and silly psychedelic laughing and disco ethics... an orchestral excursion into nights of strobe lights and polyester, punctuated with stylized groans of orgasm.

Swami Safari dotdotdotdot
Sitar Surf (Instrumental)

This is a priceless morphing of Surfaris' "Wipe Out" with shiny guitar and tablas, and cheesy synth playing the "Hawaii Five-0" riff. Brilliantly spoofed. Ride the waves, bro!