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The Kabalas - Time Tunneldotdotdot
artworkKlezmer with a rock beat an no shortage of humor. Think bar mitzvah with a real drums, hot clarinet, and great xylophone. Klezmer is fun enough anyway, but with the addition of rock production and great percussion, it takes on a whole new feel. No surf, but the six instros here are way cool anyway. Oh yeah, the action cover is a kick too.
Picks: Time Tunnel, Quiet Shtetl, At The Rabbi's Table, Odessa Bulgar, Freilach 2, Tanz Medley

Track by Track Review

Time Tunnel dotdotdot
Klezmer Sci-Fi (Instrumental)

Exotic, percussion oriented, with an excellent sound and an infectious hook right outta the soundtrack. Amazingly fun and inventive, yet very much like mainstream klezmer music with more percussion orientation.

Quiet Shtetl dotdotdot
Klezmer Bachelor Pad (Vocal)

Slow slushy bachelor pad sounds, klezmerized, sanitized, fluffed and dried. The vibes float with vibrato, the big reverb on the snare adds punctuation, and the bass clarinet gives it a mean edge. Very spacy and eerie.

At The Rabbi's Table dotdotdotdot
Klezmer Rock (Instrumental)

Amazingly big version of this traditional Jewish piece. The raw clarinet work holds up against any sax man, and the mighty drums make the arrangement work. Completely excellent.

Odessa Bulgar dotdotdot
Klezmer Rock (Instrumental)

Bouncing klez for the masses, oozing with charm and style. There's great respect for the art form, but also a real sense of playfulness.

Freilach 2 dotdotdot
Klezmer Rock (Instrumental)

Like a line dance in the asylum, "Freilach 2" rolls with both trad sound and very playful percussion. Hypnotic and fun.

Tanz Medley dotdotdotdot
Klezmer Prance (Instrumental)

"Tanz Medley" bounces with ample danceable fun through a medley of classic klezmer. The variety of tempos and sounds, as well as the familiar melodies, coupled with the xylophone makes this a must at your next party. It's very cool.