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Jumbo Shrimp - Thingiedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is the commercial pressing of the Demo Thingie disc.
Jumbo Shrimp are Klaus Fluoride, East Bay Ray, and John Harris Singer . The sound is very dry, but appealing and energetic, with large helpings of humor behind the strings.
Picks: Mersey Beach, Buddy Holly, Shrimp's Up, Trouble In Town, Intro, Plate O' Shrimp, Marsha

Track by Track Review

Mersey Beach dotdotdotdot

A Jumbo Shrimp original, which is infectious, melodic, with ringing tone, and displays a very cool beat pattern. There's a definite country air about it, but it's also playfully surf, like some of the Sandals material. Very nice track.

Buddy Holly dotdotdotdot

Edgy guitar, thumpin' bass, and a melodic upbeat garagy feel. Like a JFA instro for the nineties, or a modern fuzz pop classic destined for a TV theme. Catchy and quaintly cool. The feedback sustain compressed fuzz is too cool, as is the use of near commercial metal guitar effects and tones in the break.

Shrimp's Up dotdotdotdot

Owing a great deal to "It's The End Of The World As We Know It," this tune is ultra happy, and is supported by a rather cool driving beat. The guitars play off of each other like there's no tomorrow, playing the same melody in different octaves and with different tones. Rhythmic and chunk laden. Nice track.

Trouble In Town dotdotdotdot

A delicate drama foretells of the bright thunder of this track. It's slightly ominous, somewhat sad, and sports a fine sharp drum cadence. There's a cowboy out back somewhere, but mostly this has a Spanish feel, with a nicely double picked bridge.

Intro dotdotdot

This moment of softness is brought to you by... a silent seven second track, for what I know not. The musicianship is flawless, though unremarkable.

Plate O' Shrimp dotdotdot
Surf Rock Garage (Instrumental)

With an eye on the Warbletones, and an earful of eighties melody sense, this seems both dated and updated, familiar yet fresh. "Be My Baby" riffs keep floating through, giving it a Phil Spector flavor without losing a sense of fresh rock n roll. The only thing missing is the Szechuan sauce.

Marsha dotdotdot
Surf Rock Garage (Instrumental)

A sampled intro bit opens this sad and pretty track. It sports energy enough, without losing it's "pretty factor."