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Bruce Johnston - Going Publicdotdot
artworkEx-Fantastic Baggies, former Rip Chords, current Beach Boys vocalist, Bruce Johnston has been a studio lizard and hit band player for a long time. Like him or not, you can't fault his success. Some of his work has been splendid (Jersey Channel Islands - Part 7), others not so. This album contains a bizarre version of Pipeline. It was also issued on 12" and 7" vinyl. This is the album with Disney Girls on it, produced by Gary Usher.
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Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Steve Douglas' classic, originally issued from his Catalinas sessions, done with a deeper richer double picked lead, and plenty of thump. The bass & guitar tandem double picking is really cool. This brilliantly dramatic number is no less effective when rearranged like these lads have done it. Nice track.