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Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - 100% Pot Successdotdotdotdot
artworkImagine Link Wray in the curl as a trance artist and you get a sense of the darkness and danger of these soundscapes, as well as an idea of the structures found on this download release. Within you'll still hear Robert Johnson's surf roots, his worship of Link Wray, and his growing talent in dangerous hypnotic futurist sounds. This may be a long way off the beaten path for surf fans, but if you leave your purist hat at home, you just might dig these grooves. When I saw Surf Nazis Must Die at its Hollywood premier, I expected the soundtrack to sound like this.
Picks: Evil Knevil, Good To See You Too Roky, Tired Of Thurston, Don't Touch That Dial Or I'll Mangle Ya!!!, 100% Pot Success, Dub For Mrs. Seigner, Get Carter, Haunted Bierstube, Orson Welles Great Mysteries

Track by Track Review

Evil Knevil dotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

A thick gloomy introduction industrially brings forth a thumping psycho swirl of dark progressions and desolate places, hinting slightly at Hawkwind's spacescapes. Eventually becoming more song-like, the darkness takes on a very gloomy progression and vision.

Good To See You Too Roky dotdotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

dark fuzz and spooky tone play a sad melody over a relentless backdrop. Double picked guitar adds a surfish underbelly to a stark warehouse scene. While perhaps more visual than aural at times, "Good To See You Too Roky" continues where "Evil Knevil" left off. There's ample to create interest in a pulsing trance with melody environ. Pretty interesting.

Tired Of Thurston dotdotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

Heavy pulsing darkness falls behind a very lonely and fatalistic melody line played out in league with some double picked murk. "Tired Of Thurston" has a lot of surf imagery on hostile future waves. To some degree, this is like a dark inversion of Rinder and Lewis' mysterious "New Malibu."

Don't Touch That Dial Or I'll Mangle Ya!!! dotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

This is disturbed in a forsaken mining planet way, with a sequenced trance edge and intensely harsh tone. So, why is this attractive? Well, its imagination is very visual and the aural wash suggests a stark future where prisoners are worked to death in discarded areas on the galaxy.

100% Pot Success dotdotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

Sporting a cool spy melody often played in double picked style with a serious sense of surf gone really wrong. When I saw Surf Nazis Must Die at its Hollywood premier, I expected the soundtrack to sound like this. It didn't, but it sure should have! dangerous and brooding.

Dub For Mrs. Seigner dotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

Angular grind, mysterious spy bass, and pulsing rhythms run amok with a very cool melody. "Dub For Mrs. Seigner" has a compelling and hypnotic sound.

Get Carter dotdotdotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

There are some very nice guitar lines here, and they are accompanied with a hypnotic and dangerous backtrack. The double picked guitar lines and whammy chords are threateningly in contrast to the gloom of the bass. By the time the demented midsection arrives, you're completely overwhelmed. Wow!

Haunted Bierstube dotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

"Haunted Bierstube" sports some overcast surfish chords that throb with angular tremolo and distortion. It's an engaging blend of murky gray storm surf and warehouse rave.

Orson Welles Great Mysteries dotdotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

A distant radio scans the dial before a carnival like song emerges over very heavy backing, perhaps like a blend of Amon Duul II's Tanz Der Lemming period blended with the flowery dementia of an asylum.

Bollocks To Your Picnic Chit-Chat dotdotdot
Future Alien Surf (Instrumental)

Industrial pulsing bass and drums bring forth a spy riff and dungeonous adventure. Hypnotic and slowly varying for a trancelike escape.