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Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Oddball c/w Flymo 2002dotdotdot
artworkRobert Johnson has traveled through a number of incarnations, from his early days of exquisite garage-surf instrumentals with the Bottle Ups, through Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks gradually darkening morph from fuzz surf to industrial morbidity. This two-song demo sports very well crafted tracks in the latter category that still have vestiges of surf and garage in their eerie imagery.
Picks: Oddball, Flymo 2002

Track by Track Review

Oddball dotdotdot
Industrial Future Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and tweaky electro-imagery programmed for a spy's day off. The melody is very fluid and the arrangement haunting in an industrial kind of way. Instrumental sounds of a bleak future.

Flymo 2002 dotdotdot
Industrial Future Surf (Instrumental)

An almost morbid melody, a stark futurist soundscape, and tweaky tonality. "Flymo 2002" creates a dungeon-like image.