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Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Beaver Shotdotdotdotdot
artworkThis 500 copy limited edition CD was issued in 1995. Recorded "live at Studion," this CD displays all the raw power and drive of this fine Swedish band. There's lot's of surf and near surf cover madness here... enough to fill your every need. Beaver Shot is one rippin' instro slab!
Picks: Ali Baba and His 40 Rubbers, Chop Suey Rock, Hava Nagila, Drums Fell Off A Cliff, Native, Ghost Train, Beavershot, Crossfire, Misirlou, Tequila, Werewolf, Harlem Nocturne, Strollin' After Dark, Boss, Baghdad Rock, Rumble

Track by Track Review

Ali Baba and His 40 Rubbers dotdotdotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

The sax lays out a middle eastern riff over rumbling tom toms to open. The guitar comes in rumbling out a relentless grodie low-E chunk while the sax ominously growls out the Bedouin scene. Totally nasty, completely engulfing, and just plain cool!

Chop Suey Rock dotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

This old riff rockin' sax instro gets that nasty-plus treatment... raw and gutty, with an endless edge and snarl. Minimal, but very effective.

Hava Nagila dotdotdotdot
Klezmer Surf (Instrumental)

Fast and furious, the sax blasts out the melody as the guitar grumbles relentlessly beneath the horn. Great treatment, hinting of Klezmer and surf, and oozing Dick Dale-isms. Too cool!

Drums Fell Off A Cliff dotdotdotdotdot
Nasty Surf (Instrumental)

With an intro countdown added, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks absolutely pummel Ronnie Kaye and the Saints' "Drums Fell Off A Cliff." All of the quirk and plunk are replaced with big guitar edge and punishing rhythm. A truly refreshing treatment of a great surf obscuro.

Native dotdotdotdot
Tribal Rock (Instrumental)

Tribal drums, jungle calls, and a nasty sax over a throbbing ultra distortion guitar. Very dangerous, with a sultry melody line. If the Viscounts were nasty instead of suave, they sound like this. Very cool track.

Ghost Train dotdotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

Another obscure instro, the Swanks' "Ghost Train" is taken from mere haunting to outright threatening, with a very nasty guitar and a ton of energy. What a monster.

Beavershot dotdotdot
Nasty Surf (Instrumental)

Outrageous party surf slammer, with intense sax and guitar. You can't play this and not pay attention.

Crossfire dotdotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

Johnny and the Hurricanes' "Crossfire" uses the nasty sax as you'd expect, but against the raw guitar, thundering bass, and pounding drums, this takes on a whole new feel. Very nasty.

Misirlou dotdotdotdot
Nasty Surf (Instrumental)

Major guitar assault... and what else would you expect from Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks? Bigger than life power, double picking, and great sax lines where once only trumpets dared to tread. Hot!

Tequila dotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

There's none of the easy party favor prance left in this "Tequila." Chuck Rio couldn't have foreseen the raw edge of this version. Pure nasty driven party fun.

Werewolf dotdotdotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

This is such a great song. The Frantics' "Werewolf" has been covered a few times before, but never like this. In Robert Johnson's earlier band the Bottle Ups, it got the raw treatment. Here, it gets shredded with a bastard file, stomped to death, and viciously delivered amid blood curdling howls and growls. Very VERY nasty, and oh so cool!

Harlem Nocturne dotdotdotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

Viscounts' "Harlem Nocturne," written by the incomparable Earl Hagen, moves from the waterfront of black and white detectives to the docks of knuckle dragging Mafia enforcers. Totally raw and yet very suave. Throbbing vibrato, nasty sax, and danger in every line. This is a perfect vehicle for Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks.

Strollin' After Dark dotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

The Shades' often covered "Strollin' After Dark" is dirtied up and nastied out. Just plain mean.

Boss dotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

The Rumblers' "Boss" moves from ultra cool nasty to mean and nasty... The sax work is manic, and the rest of the band just plain chunky.

Baghdad Rock dotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

The Sheiks' obscuro "Baghdad Rock" is a change in pace, with its smoother more rockabilly stance. This is nasty, yet fifties playful.

Rumble dotdotdot
Nasty Rock (Instrumental)

The album version of Link Wray and his Raymen's "Rumble" personifies much of the underlying influence in Robert Johnson's music, so naturally, he'd end shows with it. Cool!