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Johnny and the Hurricanes - High Voltage c/w Old Smokiedotdot
artworkEasily the weakest of all of their singles, both sides are dismissible.
Picks: High Voltage, Old Smokie

Track by Track Review

High Voltage dotdot
Guitar Organ (Instrumental)

Raw guitar choked like Link Wray too fast, delivered under a simple organ lead. This could be surfed up with a reverb guitar taking the organ lines. The melody is based on that old English children's song "Gramma's Lye Soap," or what ever it's called. Lonnie Donnegan had a big MOR hit with it in the fifties.

Old Smokie dotdot
Organ Guitar (Instrumental)

Johnny Otis' "Hand Jive" guitar riffs under the keys is OK, but not inspired like some of their public domain covers.