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Johnny and the Hurricanes - Stormsvilledotdotdot
artworkJohnny and the Hurricanes continue to ride high on my sentimental instrumental chart. Their music wasn't sentimental, but I have a soft spot for their unique mix of organ, sax and guitar. Their ability to play with traditional melodies and come up with surefire hits was unsurpassed in their day, as exemplified here by "Reveille Rock" based on the bugle call. This release is entirely in mono, and is digitally restored from the original masters.
Picks: Reveille Rock, Milk Shake, Cyclone, Travelin', Bean Bag, Rockin' T, The Hungry Eye, Hot Fudge, Time Bomb, Corn Bread, Catnip, The Hep Canary, San Antonio Rose, Come On Train, Sheik Of Araby, Minnesota Fats, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Greens and Beans, James Bond Theme, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen, Kaw-Liga, Rough Road, It's A Mad Mad Mad World, Shadows, Strange, Comin' Home Baby

Track by Track Review

Reveille Rock dotdotdotdot
Military Organ-Sax-Guitar Rave (Instrumental)

Yup! This just plain rocks! Not many of the instros of the late fifties really pummeled, but this had more energy than most everything else of the day. The organ lead is so-o-o cool, and the spit-ball sax just rips! Dave Yorko's guitar break rules too! When I was in the service, I used to play this in the barracks at reveille to wake the slumbering masses.

Milk Shake dotdot
Sax Plucky (Instrumental)

A plucky damped reverb guitar lies under sax lead that's bluesy. The organ is pumping away through it all.

Cyclone dotdot
Sax Guitar (Instrumental)

The sax howls a repetitious but ominous lead line over the pumping guitar chords.

Travelin' dotdotdot
Wood Block Organ Country Hawaiian (Instrumental)

Light weight guitar chords and wood block percussion with a cutesy organ lead. The guitar break is somewhere between country and Hawaiian.

Bean Bag dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

A sax tune with a Bo Diddley feel and an harmonica accented choppy backtrack. Choppy organ and sax R&B riff rock, with a pulsing organ and lots of edge. The organ whistles in the break over tribal drums. There's quite a bit in common between "Beanbag" and "Brontosaurus Stomp."

Rockin' T dotdotdot
Organ Folk (Instrumental)

Like the old stuff... similar to "She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain When She Comes" and "Old Smoky," but faster and more spirited.

The Hungry Eye dotdot
Beatnik Sax (Instrumental)

Beatnik chunk under a fifties beat sax line.

Hot Fudge dot
Euro Plucky Sax (Instrumental)

Euro plucky with a growling sax.

Time Bomb dotdot
Organ Sax Guitar Jazz (Instrumental)

No explosion from this misnamed tune. More a cool for cats Beat/Jazz number and a simple riff-rocker.

Corn Bread dot
Jimmy Smith Horns (Instrumental)

Jimmy Smith organ with horns... very derivative.

Catnip dot
Sax Organ (Instrumental)

A sax rant over an oscillating organ.

The Hep Canary dotdot
Organ (Instrumental)

A chirpy organ and a rolling backtrack.

San Antonio Rose dotdot
Organ (Instrumental)

Chunky rhythms and an organ lead... just OK.

Come On Train dotdotdot
Sax Guitar (Instrumental)

Guitar train whistles a la the Swanks' "Ghost Train" open this cool number, with the guitar doing some rare double picking under a sax lead. Interesting arrangement.

Sheik Of Araby dot
Organ (Instrumental)

Organ chops over an uninspired bed.

Minnesota Fats dotdotdot
Sax Organ Guitar (Instrumental)

The sounds of the pool hall and a dissonant choked guitar with choppy organ all supporting a bluesy sax lead.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane dot
Girl Chorus MOR (Instrumental)

Man-oh-man! The girls' chorus is gross. The rest is... yuk MOR.

Greens and Beans dotdot
Organ (Instrumental)

Relatively uninspired Booker T clone. While it's faster, it's no more interesting than "Mo Onions," certainly no "Tic Tac Toe."

James Bond Theme dotdotdot
Organ Spy (Instrumental)

The organ leads where you'd expect the guitar, except for the classic hooks.

Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

A cool whammy dip guitar lays out a low-E underpinning while the organ plays a percussive riff. It's actually quite a cool track, with a tasty sound. The break is a jammin' Dave Yorko lick instead of Johnny Paris' sax.

Kaw-Liga dotdotdot
Organ Guitar Rockabilly (Instrumental)

Indian tom-toms and spacy organ plus near-surf guitar sounds. The organ carries the lead on this cool rockabilly guitar classic originally eked out by Hank Williams or someone.

Rough Road dotdot
Guitar Organ (Instrumental)

A pumping organ supports a vibrato guitar for a moderately interesting effect.

It's A Mad Mad Mad World dot
Sax Pop (Instrumental)

A wailing sax over a very poppy backtrack.

Shadows dotdotdot
Space Blues (Instrumental)

Almost Tornadoes-like organ via Leslie or vibrato... very cool under a blue sax melody. A most unusual sound... space blues.

Strange dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

The organ plays a subtle leaning note line while the bass and drums carry a solid mid sixties thump. The sax comes along and doubles the organ lines until the guitar comes in and jams. It has a slightly middle eastern feel, but more a runway grind appeal. Sensual.

Comin' Home Baby dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

This is an interesting approach to Herbie Mann's classic. Even the chorus adds to it. The guitar jams, the organ pumps and floats, and the sax delivers a saucy lead line. Quite nice.