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The Jim Lindseys - Rebel On The Wavedotdotdotdot
artworkThe Jim Lindseys have been around for a long time. This CD compiles tracks that have been available on mp3, but not issued elsewhere. The writing is quite mature, and the listening experience not like another band, with elements of spaghetti western and desert twang running throughout. Very nice material.
Picks: Rebel On The Wave, Rebel's Girl, The Kiwis, Ritchie Valens, Sand Bucket, The Last Roundup, Stingaree, Cool Water, I Don't Know That, Silent Stranger

Track by Track Review

Rebel On The Wave dotdotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

"Rebel On The Wave" is pretty and twangy in a spaghetti western sorta way. The very good melody line and fine playing give it a very fluid feel and warm sound. Nice track!

Rebel's Girl dotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

With long warm chords, "Rebel's Girl" comes on with polished and friendly line with a bit of a country edge. Quite nice.

The Kiwis dotdotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Maybe like a dark espionage version of King of Hawaii, "The Kiwis" twangs and stings and floats on a breeze borne of a top down cruise. Unusual, maybe a little moody, and very nicely done.

Ritchie Valens dotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Richard Valenzuela remain a fave of mine. I'm not sure I feel a connection between the man and "Ritchie Valens," though the emotional content does seem to sport a romanticized retro-view of an American original.

Sand Bucket dotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

"Sand Bucket" is fun and subdued, with a catchy afternoon riff and an adventurous structure.

The Last Roundup dotdotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Deserts scenes, warm whammy reverb, almost like an orphaned Pollo Del Mar track. This is very pretty and well worth a spin. Moody and distant, "The Last Roundup" laments a time fading in memory.

Stingaree dotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Tribal drums carry a subdued beat under a delicate and nicely developed exotic piece. "Stingaree" has a South American feel and flows really well.

Cool Water dotdotdot
Euro Surf (Instrumental)

"Cool Water" has a definite Euro feel to it, both in tone and style. Rich and warm, distant and optimistic, it's a nicely written piece of music.

I Don't Know That dotdotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Island whammy and sparkling sunshine reflecting off of rippling shore break... "I Don't Know That" is a gentle afternoon excursion, with a big warm smile and the smell of the tropics.

Silent Stranger dotdotdotdot
Desert Surf (Instrumental)

Nearly spaghetti western, "Silent Stranger" moves slowly as the stranger enters town, perhaps up to no good. There's a sense that Enio Morricone inspired this, yet it's fresh and not really derivative. very cool.