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The Jigsaw Seen - My Name Is Tomdotdotdotdot
artworkOK, just one surf instro here, but The Jigsaw Seen have remained one of bands I have a soft spot for. I first came across them when Big Myke Destiny asked me to mix their live appearance at KFJC back in 1992. It was one of two sessions done while major renovations were underway that required the band to play in the lobby. They were separated by cabinets and furniture, with the drummer back in a corner and everyone outside my view from the library where the mixing console was set up. The version of "My Name Is Tom" from that session is still a fave of mine. That introduction led me to a journey through all of their music. They were an excellent band, born in the paisley underground scene in LA, and displaying a broad range of skills.
Picks: Murder At The Luau

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Murder At The Luau dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Rolling tom toms and a surf beat with a beach-able melody and some glissandos. The dry tone and great drums add to the experience. I the breaks, there are squeals and grunts at the scene. Occasional lapses into psychedelia remind you that it's The Jigsaw Seen your listening to. Infectious and very nicely produced and arranged.