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JFA - My Moviedotdotdot
artworkJFA aka Jody Fosters' Army made some pretty tough skate punk in those hazy daze of the eighties in Phoenix. They also laid down some vital surf punk, usually comprised of covers. This 1986 single was issued on blue vinyl
Picks: My Movie, Unknown

Track by Track Review

My Movie dotdotdot
Psycho Surf Punk (Instrumental)

This instro is both surfy and driven. It meanders between faster onslaughts and slower plundering. It's swirling lead guitar tone create a psychodaze with the pumped bass and drums underneath. The drum and bass solo is splendid, and the acoustic feedback is swell too.

Unknown dotdotdot
Psycho Surf Punk (Instrumental)

This is a rather a melancholy original, brooding moodiness and Indian toms, haunted tones and dark themes. Mean enough to raise the short hairs, melodic enough to soothe the soul.