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album coverLos Jets - Live In Concert3 stars
Label: CD

This is a fine live document of a vintage band that still rocks when they want to. The mix is not the best, with keys much to prominant, but the performance is wonderful. Perhaps it's a mono soundboard tape with keys overedubbed. I did discover that playback in mono using only the left channel as a source sounds very good.

Picks: 'Gonzales', 'Genie With The Light Brown Lamp', 'Sombras y Rejas', 'Zorongo'

Gonzalez(live)3 stars
The Shadows' "Gonzalez" is delivered with more edge than most, and is full bodied. The organ is too prominent, mostly obscuring the lead guitar, but the performance is superb.

Genie With The Light Brown Lamp(live)3 stars
With the keys plying in piano mode, "Genie With The Light Brown Lamp" romps with fun and delight.

Sombras y Rejas(live)4 stars
"Sombras y Rejas" is a very song with a playful melody and structure, and an exciting energy. Entirely fun, and lush at times too.

Zorongo(live)4 stars
"Zorongo" is a song that Los Jets originally cut in 1961. It's a magnificent song, and they still play it with a lot of energy.

Guitarra Enamorada(live)3 stars
Soft and fluid, and on the sophisticated side, "Guitarra Enamorada" flows in a gentle pace with a bit of a beat.

Guitar Tango(live)4 stars
"Guitar Tango" has been done a few times in a various forms. This is dramatic, nearly classical and emotional. Perhaps the coolest of the covers out there, it rivals the Challengers.

El Vito(live)4 stars
"El Vito" is vibrant and emotional, dramatic and hot-blooded. I like the flair the band displays, and the energy of their performance.

Los Cuattro Muleros(live)4 stars
"Los Cuattro Muleros" (The Four Mule Drivers or Mule Skinners) is a saucy number with Spanish flair and lots of energy. A wonderful performance!

Don Quixote(live)3 stars
Big drama and romantic melody lines converge in "Don Quixote." It's fanciful and imaginative, as well as moving. The lead guitar is quite inspired.

El Arlequin de Toledo(live)3 stars
Heavier and more powerful than the studio track, "El Arlequin de Toledo" romps and rocks with epic imagery. Full blooded and sassy.

Poncho(live)3 stars
Playful and fanciful, "Poncho" has a serape on as he rides his mule across the cactus desert. The song nearly laughs as it unfolds. Quite nice.

Guadalajara(live)3 stars
Gutsy and large, "Guadalajara" is driven by a thick wash of energy and flair. Some cool guitar lines add to the mystique of the song.

Zambesi(live)4 stars
Los Jets play the venerable Euro intro track "Zambesi" with spunk and edge. It's a rock solid performance.

This track features Brian Locking on bass. You might know his name from the Shadows. Locking started out in Vince Taylor's backing band the Playboys with Tony Sheridan and Brian Bennett, then moved on to Marty Wilde's backing group the Wild Cats, which evolved into the Krew Kats. In 1962, he replaced Jet Harris in the Shadows.

Dakota(live)3 stars
This is a very sultry version of this Shadows song. The slide guitar lines are almost Cooker-like. The fluid "Dakota" features Brian Locking on harmonica.

Jezabel(live)4 stars
Wayne Shanklin's wonderful melody is done with edge and spunk. Perhaps not as much guts as the Illusions, but certainly among my favorite versions. I think only the Jigsaw Seen used more energy and drive. Large power and guitar magic.

Andalucia(live)3 stars
This is a tasteful arrangement of Ernesto Lacuona's grand "The Breeze and I." It's big, features a gutty double picked low-E verse, and lots of fluid playing. Quite nice.

F.B.I.(live)3 stars
One of the more cutesy Shadows songs, "F.B.I." is bouncy and playful. Los Jets rock it out for their encore.