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album coverLos Jets - 40°N-3°W4 stars
Label: CD

This is a fine album from Madrid's legendary Los Jets. For me, the two high points are "The Valiant" and "Voyage Around The Moon," but there are many shining moments here. It's a very good set of new recordings from a band that has been at it since '58 or so.

Picks: 'El Barco del Amor', 'Splash', 'Waiting For The Train', 'The Valiant', 'The Flight Of The Bumble Bee', 'Ram-Bunk-Shush', 'Surf Samba', 'Bombora', 'Voyage Around The Moon', 'The Knights If Madrid', 'So What', 'Husky Team'

El Barco del Amor4 stars
Los Jets rock'n'roll on this fine track. Lots of energy and drive. Twang and stylish drive. "El Barco del Amor" has a melody that is very similar to the Beach Boys' "Stoked."

Splash3 stars
"Splash" moves with an adventure on the road kind of theme. Its imagery is slightly bluesy, and quite groovy. The guitar's sustain and tone are quite pleasing.

Waiting For The Train4 stars
This is a blues-rock number with a Memphis feel and a rich highway ambiance. there's a definite sense of open space and afternoon breezes.

The Valiant5 stars
It's so great to hear a modern band cover the Valiants's great instro. Los Jets do it really nicely, with swimming chords and plenty of delicate spunk. This is a splendid track that bears multiple listenings.

The Flight Of The Bumble Bee4 stars
Many hundreds of rock covers of Rimsky-Korsakov's fanciful "The Flight Of The Bumble Bee" are out there. This is somehow more reverent to the source, while leaning on a Ventures-like format, but with much rounder and more modern rock tone. The arrangement is excellent.

Ram-Bunk-Shush3 stars
Lucky Millinder's often covered R&B instro is very nicely done by Los Jets. It's suave and soulful as required, and also a bit edgy. They clearly mean what they play here. Honest and straight forward, with just a bit of country in the licks.

Surf Samba4 stars
Miles Corbin's lovely "Surf Samba" is very nicely reinvented here. With clear reverence for the writing and playing style of the Aqua Velvets, Los Jets deliver a sultry and smooth rendering of this lovely song. The ocean lapping over parts of the song add to its coastal mystique.

Bombora5 stars
The Atlantics' most awesome tune is recreated with significant understanding and reverence. While it's got the chops, it's less intense than that original. Having said that, it's a really fine track. The restraint seems to add a dimension of subtlety and ambiance.

Voyage Around The Moon5 stars
The Saturns' "Voyage Around The Moon" appeared only in the soundtrack to That Thing You Do. Three other bands have covered it, that I know of. This is a splendid version with great respect for the original, and very inviting tone.

The Knights If Madrid4 stars
Horses gallop into view while the six string bass twangs a low down melody a la Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. A very fluid melody, Spanish acoustic accompaniment, and dribbling lead guitar make this really shine. Is this the Telstars' tune?

Honky Tonk3 stars
Bill Dogget's "Honky Tonk" is done with silky slide notes and pumping organ. It's very smooth and soulful.

So What4 stars
Miles Davis' "So What" is sped up and turned into a twang fest. The arrangement is spectacular in terms of its transformation of this jazz classic into a rockin' stomper. Very cool!

Husky Team3 stars
The Saints' very cool "Husky Team" is slithered and twanged and reverbed for a much fuller and more emotionally connecting rendition than the original. Quite nice.

Under The Double Eagle3 stars
"Under The Double Eagle" is rocked and slithered to create a fluid and compelling wash of sound. Catchy and cool.