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album coverLos Jets 40°N-3°W 4 stars
Label: CD-R Demo

Tgis two-song demo from Los Jets sports two fine instros. My fave is the fine cover of "The Valiant."

Picks: The Valiant, Ram-Bunk-Shush

"The Valiant" 4 stars

The Valiants' highly infectious "The Valiant" is VERY nicely done here. It simply sparkles with fluid tone and muted rhythm. gentler than the original, but very infectious. Excellent!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Ram-Bunk-Shush" 3 stars

This blues jam is nicely "wetted" by Los Jets. It's a laid back ride on an inner tube down a slow moving river on a sunny afternoon. Quite nice.
Surf Instrumental Stereo