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The Jet Black's - Top Top Topdotdotdot
artworkHalf the tracks on this 1965 Brazilian release are instrumental. The Jet Black's fit loosely into the easy listening camp, much as a the Shadows do. Not really rock'n'roll, but there are some very nice nuggets here.
Picks: Diggedle Boeing, Les Indiens, Geronimo, Dance On, And I Love Her, Suspicion

Track by Track Review

Diggedle Boeing dotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

This is an easy guitar instro with a nice melody and round guitar sound. The overdubbed strings are real cheesy, taking "Diggedle Boeing" out of the easy rock vein into MOR sludgeland.

Les Indiens dotdotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

A galloping beat and cool melody with a western theme create a very cool song that could easily be surfed up. The horns give "Les Indiens" a bit of a spaghetti feel, taking it into a soft-peddled Al Caiola realm.

Geronimo dotdotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

This is a cool (temperature wise) cover of Hank Marvin's lovely "Geronimo." The violins remind me of Thom Rapp's "Sunforest," which gives the otherwise slightly spaghetti song and interesting edge. Very easy, but not dismissible.

Dance On dotdotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

This infectious song has done by many, from the Shadows to the Challengers, nearly always with fun results. The Jet Black's do it very much like the Shadows, but rounder and a little less connected. Quite fun.

And I Love Her dotdotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

This is an easy on the ears take on the Beatles' "And I Love Her." Nothing exciting, just pleasant, smooth, reverent, and romantic.

Suspicion dotdotdot
Easy Listening Spaghetti (Instrumental)

One of Elvis Presley's more tribal numbers, "Suspicion" is done with an easy flow and delicate guitar. Plenty to enjoy, but not so much to stay with you later.