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The Javalins - Javalins' Beatdotdotdot
artworkIndo beat is the great un-mined field of sixties instro rock. Little appreciated outside of Holland and Indonesia, many of the bands were fast and very talented. There are some very cool tracks here.
Picks: Javalin's Beat, Al Capone, Monkey Walk, The Loveliest Night Of The Year, Foot Patter, Sweet Georgia Brown

Track by Track Review

Javalin's Beat dotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

This is a hot instro with great drums and big twang. The guitars are very cool, and the sax if raspy and edgy. Lots of energy and an overall spunky sound. The break is piano driven for extra fun. Rockin' cool!

Al Capone dotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

Delicate muted opens "Al Capone," which sports a tasty riff and slidin' cool piano. This is a spunky number that's fairly fast and way fun. calls of "Al Capona" add to the charm. The break is guitar centric, and the tone is near surf at times, and there are some very cool whammy chords.

Monkey Walk dotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

"Monkey Walk" is an easy going soulful track with chorus. The lead guitar is superb, with a jazzy soul sound and very nice production.

The Loveliest Night Of The Year dotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

This is an mid tempo track with a light sound. The lead guitar is beautiful and fun, and the slight country edge adds charm to the churning rhythm.

Foot Patter dotdotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

This is a very pleasant version of The Fireballs' "Foot Patter," with fine twangin' lead guitar and frantic rhythm guitar and drums. The walking bass really completes the picture. The lead guitar verges on psychedelic in the break. A very nice track!

Sweet Georgia Brown dotdotdotdot
Indorock (Instrumental)

"Sweet Georgia Brown" is done with significant spunk and fun. Nicely cut, with very catchy drums and rhythm. Splashy and almost surf at times, but all Indo!