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Arthur Jarvinen and Miroslav Tadic - Endless Bummerdotdotdot
artworkArthur Jarvinen and Miroslav Tadic are fine musicians. This three part suite looks at the sea from a different angle. It's not surf in any sense you'd recognize, but it is aquatic in imagery. More art than anything else, Endless Bummer is a journey through a mournful place.
Picks: Part III, Part II, Part I

Track by Track Review

Part III dotdotdot
Impressionist Surf (Instrumental)

Moody and fluid, this impression of the surf is a long ways from the genre, yet implies the water in a mathematical and euphemistic way. Sad and pretty.

Part II dotdotdot
Impressionist Surf (Instrumental)

A little on the heavy side, and with crisp pick behind the bridge playfulness, "Part II" is a throbbing and moody implication of surf from a psychedelic mood. Hypnotic and almost religious, it monkeys with the very idea of surf.

Part I dotdotdot
Impressionist Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very long and serious look at the murky side of the brine. At 24 minutes, it moves slowly like a nearly flat sea after a storm, with debris in the water and kelp washed up on shore.