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album coverJan and Dean All The Hits - From Surf City to Drag City 2 stars
Label: EMI CDP-553730 CD

This 1996 double CD spans the long pop life of Jan and Dean with 74 tracks, starting with "Jenny Lee" and ending with their Drag City period, and includes alternates and instro variations, a long list of KFWB promos, plus some studio chatter.

Picks: Quasimoto

"Quasimoto" 3 stars

"Quasimoto" is a different treatment of "B Gas Rickshaw" with occasional actual surf guitar playing glissandos. It's a little better, and a little more interesting, with thicker sound and more going on.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Dead Man's Curve [backtrack]" 3 stars

This is a backtrack, with no overdubbed lead melody. As such, it lacks focus and is little more than a curiosity.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Surf City [backtrack]" 3 stars

Another backtrack for the completist, with no melody line.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Drag City [backtrack]" 3 stars

Again, the backtrack, but this time with chorus vocals.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Ride The Wild Surf [backtrack]" 3 stars

This backtrack includes the chorus vocals, and is more capable of standing alone than the previous backtracks here.
Surf Instrumental Stereo