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album coverJan and Dean Drag City c/w Jan and Dean's Pop Symphony No. 1
Label: One Way S21-18839 CD

For instro fans, this is both intriguing and loathsome. On the one hand, the Jan and Dean's Pop Symphony No. 1 is in some ways the first "symphonic" treatment of pop as would become trendy many years later with bands like the Who and Led Zeppelin coming under the arranger's microscope. This entire album is pure MOR fluff, and even though it is all instrumental, I can't bear to waste time reviewing it. Then there's Drag City, which sports one lone instro of little merit, surf or otherwise.

Picks: None

"Sting Ray"

This is like a poor man's counter part to "B-Gas Rickshaw." It suffers from underdevelopment and pallid performances, and is further marred by an inane narrative. Melody free, it relies on an oriental variation on the a-hoo-ga car horn riff.
Surf Instrumental Stereo