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Jackie and the Cedrics - Scalping Partydotdotdot
artworkJapan's Jackie and the Cedrics (a model of Toyota for the Japanese market) kick proverbial butt in lo-fi. Their tracks often don't have lasting quality, but sure would be hot at a drunken brawl. Frat surf deluxe.
Picks: Scalping Party, Sukiyaki Stomp

Track by Track Review

Scalping Party dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Jackie and the Cedrics are a Japanese lo-fi frat rant that has issued several singles, and been included on a few Japanese CD compilation (Hodge Podge Barrage etc.). High spirits in the performance is their hallmark, as is marginal sound quality. Moderately interesting.

Sukiyaki Stomp dotdotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

A surfified version of one of the few Japanese songs to make the American charts. That version was real elevator mung. This is damn surfy rockin' fun. The melody is strong, and the fine whammy chords and damped picking are cool too. Spirited primal surf.