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Island Uprising - Live From The Spider Roomdotdotdot
artworkThis is a paradoxical CD-R. It's a crude recording from a rehearsal space, and the performances are tentative at times. The music is in development, but often displays significant promise. Angular and experimental, sometimes even disturbing, the sounds within portray unbalanced views of surf. I really enjoy hearing music in its formative stages, especially when the path forward seems so obvious. A funny garage surf vocal is here too, called "We're Goin' Surfin'," and a brief encounter called "Idiots."
Picks: Ballad Of Billy-Bob Beeyatchenstein, P.H.A.T., Vivian Mashed Potatoes, Mondo Beyondo, Jazz Orgy, Eddie Would Go, Cyclops City, Draculizer, Up From The Briny Depths (Part 2), Sasquatch Centennial, Hawaii

Track by Track Review

Ballad Of Billy-Bob Beeyatchenstein dotdotdot
Angular Surf (Instrumental)

This may be the surfiest thing here. "Ballad Of Billy-Bob Beeyatchenstein" is fairly metric, intense, dissonant, and disturbing. The main riff is like a classical exercise, but the thickness of the sound and the offsets provided by the rest of the band keep it afloat. Angular and nervous.

P.H.A.T. dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Intentionally off-key guitar grunts out a disillusioning vision of an island asylum. Tentative, intellectually based, with a pumping organ providing part of the illusion. This may be a tentative recording, but the song show significant promise.

Vivian Mashed Potatoes dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

With a bass line like the Beach Nuts' "Surf Report," this unnervingly meanders across jagged rocks on a stormy shore, contemplating ends of things and Mediterranean strangers. Another track with significant potential.

Mondo Beyondo dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Mondo Beyondo" is an odd coupling of styles. Double picked surf guitar, Batman-ish thrashing, discordant plundering, and an eerie underbelly feel. Again, with development, this could become very cool.

Jazz Orgy dotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

Well, I suppose a string of unrelated musical notes from each player would seem like jazz to anyone not appreciating the mindless noodling of the modern masters... oh, wait, that IS jazz. Pretty funny!

Eddie Would Go dotdot
Twisted Twang (Instrumental)

Twang, bang, thank you mam... big chord chop and chunk, noodly licks, walking bass, mechanized percussion. All in all, pretty strange.

Cyclops City dotdotdot
Strange Surf (Instrumental)

With only one eye, one might see in low brow slugde-o-rama. Surf guitar double picking in places, uncomfortable tones and structures, and strange imagery. With development and time, this could either become a fine surf song with an air of insanity.

Draculizer dotdotdot
Disturbed Surf (Instrumental)

Horror comes to your house... side show organ, pristine surf guitar, nervous structures, cool bass lines, and enticing European scenery. All of this adds up to a strange landscape or sounds and styles. Cool.

Up From The Briny Depths (Part 2) dotdotdot
Inverted Surf (Instrumental)

Down in those briny depths must lurk some pretty strange creatures if this is any clue. Dissonant and choppy, and displaying an inverted view of the surf.

Sasquatch Centennial dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

How much surf could a sasquatch ride if a sasquatch could ride surf? None, if this is a measure. "Sasquatch Centennial" displays a demented and angular gathering of furry sub-humanoids, like a drug induced scene from planet of the Apes. Disturbed carnival meanderings.

Hawaii dotdotdot
Island (Instrumental)

This soft meandering island breeze drifts across a lagoon where dolphins play and turtles swim. Quite different from the other tracks here, this displays an open air warmth and beauty.