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Chris Isaak - Gone Ridin' (Live Zurich, Switzerland, October 7, 1987)dotdotdot
artworkChris Isaak's band has frequently done rock'n'roll instros in their live set, from "Surf Rider" to "Penetration". This set included rousing covers of two Link Wray numbers, and Chuck Rio's classic hit too, all packaged neatly into a fine medley.
Picks: Jack The Ripper - Rumble - Tequila

Track by Track Review

Jack The Ripper - Rumble - Tequila dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

While this is a badly degenerated recording, and as if often the case with soundboard, almost completely devoid of lead guitar, it nonetheless shows off the guitar player's ongoing reverence for rock instrumentals. This is a rousing performance full of spit and vinegar. Great session. Too bad it's so aurally damaged.