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The Invisible Surfers - Demodotdotdot
artworkThe Invisible Surfers demo shows a band with surf sensibilities, not quite as fuzzy influence from Davie Allan, and imaginative arranging on covers. Most songs are deliberately paced, and the overall sound is one of lowbrow darkness with grumble. This demo is planned as a map to the followup to their 2002 release Dog Killa Cat.
Picks: Too Many Talk, Surfin' Lake, Cobra Snake Neck Tie, Burned Brain, Eyes Like the Deep Blue Sea, Runaway, O.D. From Love, The Wedge, Stabs n' Hugs, Thunder Ride, Total Satisfied, Hellfire Whips, Untitled

Track by Track Review

Too Many Talk dotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"Too Many Talk" is a repetitious riff driven song with a lowbrow gutty sound. Though it's surely edgy and a little angry, without changes in octave or tone, it doesn't really keep your attention.

Surfin' Lake dotdotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" is the subject of this instro, with some double picked surfisms and a grodie guitar tone. It's a fresh approach to a classic melody that's been in the surf vein before. It's quite good.

Cobra Snake Neck Tie dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"Cobra Snake Neck Tie" is a dark song with some interesting guitar nuggets and an almost morose sound. A bit jam-like at times, but certainly more than that. Though this is a track sure named after the line in Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love," it has nothing else in common with thee rock 'n' roll originator.

Burned Brain dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

This is a heavy surf and gray storm, almost metal danger instro with tastefully placed glissandos and a grodie sound. Great drums that remind me a bit of the drums in Da Monz's "Ten Cent Dance Girl," and lots of grumble beneath the dark-edged guitar.

Eyes Like the Deep Blue Sea dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Thick and intense, and not very melodic, in the way some fifties rock instros were. Dark, a bit dangerous, and moody with anger.

Runaway dotdotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Del Shannon's groovy "Runaway" is all a-buzz with double picked guitar with a very dark tone. This puts a whole new light on the classic pop song. Perhaps one of the most original arrangements since the Chantays' magic version, this is attractive and very original.

O.D. From Love dotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

This is a totally repetitious instro with energy, but lacking an attraction. Heavy and dark, but just not very interesting.

The Wedge dotdotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

Dick Dale's tune is darkened and grodied up. Thick and morose, with heavy thunder and a moderate pace, "The Wedge" nonetheless is attractive as only versatile songs can be when completely rethought. Excellent.

Stabs n' Hugs dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"Stabs n' Hugs" leaves something to be desired. It's got energy and drive, dark tone, and a pumping thump, but despite occasional structure similarities to "K-39," it doesn't really gel. The midsection, however, is pretty interesting.

Thunder Ride dotdotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"Thunder Ride" is a grodie cover of Eddie and the Showmen's classic "Squad Car." The energy and requisite flash are here, and with the grumble and guitar tone, the Invisible Surfers give it an entirely different feel. The drums are great!

Total Satisfied dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

"Total Satisfied" is a kind of fifties-ish rock instro with a spy edge and dark overtones. Only moderately interesting, yet thick and overwhelming.

Hellfire Whips dotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

This mid-tempo semi sludge stomp is all about edge and darkness. "Hellfire Whips" is fun, if that word applies to edgy moody grodie instros. Well done.

Untitled dotdotdotdot
Rock Surf (Instrumental)

There is a kind of mixture of big drama, serious danger, spacious ambiance, and double picked polka. "Nicole" seems engaging with fun. It's a cowboy romp with double picked guitar and rolling drums. Western underpinnings and surf reasoning, with a sense of open space crowding in. Very cool.